Turbidity Paintings

Claudia O’Steen, Thomas Asmuth and Sara Gevurtz

Turbidity Paintings serves as a bridge between scientific and artistic observation, uniquely engaging the senses to allow for a greater understanding of the world around us. Artists: Asmuth, Gevurtz, and O'Steen have worked collaboratively with Waidner and Janosik (marine biology, oceanography) to create new transdisciplinary methods merging art and science. The team captures images and other marine data from a series of locations and dates along the Gulf of Mexico using collaboratively developed low-cost custom made tools.This process obtains photographs at measured distances, resulting in a grid of images displaying relative turbidity within the water column. On the surface, the work appears as an installation about water clarity (turbidity), but it also simultaneously provides a host of useful data on water quality issues. The images are encoded with the additional marine biology data to form a library for critical investigation from visual and statistical approaches.

These images display the color field photographs displaying turbidity within the water column. Collaborative group includes: Thomas Asmuth, Sara Gevurtz, & Claudia O’Steen in collaboration with Alexis Janosik and Lisa Waidner.