Noah Travis Phillips

WATERxRIVAL is the confluence my current investigations (collaboration with a deep learning AI trained on my artwork and image archive, named RIVAL) and a previous investigation (speculative web-page about water evaporation as a 4th-dimensional phenomenon). This convergence becomes an exploration more ecological in scope and perspective.

RIVAL's algorithmic flows/processes are let out into the open waters of internet image & keyword searches, returning with specimens and samples for me to compose and cultivate meaning(fulness) with. The initial set of images (from the speculative exploration of water and space) are put into relationship with the ocean of media flooding all around us. In this way, highly subjective material trespasses into broader cultural discourses.

The WATERxRIVAL webpage provides an opportunity for the viewer to glimpse the deluge (this process produces); additionally, it will expand and swell weekly throughout the exhibition's duration.