Manion Kuhn

Manion Kuhn will be in residence on peripheral form's Facebook page from November 1st-November 30th as part of The Wrong Water.

When asked to describe their residency, Manion had this to say:

I want to bring focus to water that is transformed; a substance distilled, distorted, or that deviates from an original chemical composition of H20. Water thatʼs been fruit-infused, carbonated, filtered, or otherwise re-routed from its mythically pure state. These procedural, industrial operations generate a new category of water- like fluids that mirror the misfire of unusable masses of water, offering us enticing varieties of antioxidants, vitamins, and aspartame.

There exists a phenomenally propagated principle of a state of optimal hydration, leading many of us to carry reusable water bottles so that this balance might be maintained at all times, facilitated by the installation of public drinking fountains and other reminders encouraging us to hydrate, to maintain, to achieve an internal equilibrium. Messing with the ideologies transmitted by wellness cultures, I take up what can be ingested, and in what quantities, exposing where the body is porous (where it eliminates) and where it coagulates (where it bloats and retains), probing the mythological maxims that govern our relationships to our own bodies.

This work is concerned both with the wrong uses of water and with the wrong water itself, a water wrought with toxin privilege that is tasked to perform as a wellness device, a sort of ingestible protheses that produces the illusion of eliminating toxins or other impurities, something the liver and kidneys are capable of when in working order on a cellular level, that is, when they are optimally hydrated. Why is all of this water being repurposed to function as vitamin water, as a mere companion to antioxidants, as a cleansing, purifying elixir, and further, what do the excesses of this “waterʼs" consumption reveal about our bodiesʼ relationship to fluids, to nature and to artifice? Certainly, we engage more with the processes of water than with what is "water" at all. During the month of November, I am embarking on a digital residency that will explore and expose these practices and processes, producing evidence of where our consumption-based relationship with water goes wrong, emotionally, economically, and ecologically.